Wednesday, September 06, 2006

i really have no idea what i'm going to write about. things have been pretty crazy lately but things are a lot better now. i've been reading and writing quite a bit. i just realized that blogger doesn't allow me to add songs on here. that is kind of disappointing.

lately, because i lost all of my playlists when i transferred computers, i've allowed my music collection to just be on shuffle. it has really introduced to some great music that i was completely unaware i had. the latest great song was by Ryan Adams and called 'Let It Ride'. it is the first country song i have liked in about 5 or 6 years. a huge accomplishment i must say.

tonight i went to see the science of sleep. i can't even remember how long i've been reading about this film, but it has been well over two years. it lived up to my expecations fully. michel gondry did what he always does. pretty much pure imagination at all times and i really couldn't have seen the way the
movie went. it was really great, surprisingly satisifying, and sad all at once. i'd really recommend it.

at the moment, i am studying for fundamentals of design. it isn't any fun and it pretty much over stuff i already know. it can be really aggrevating to study these terms when i already have a generalized idea...but i'm just worried the teacher will want me to be specific.

the last time i was in class, we had a color wheel do but my last one, which i did for color theory, wouldn't work. she needed a greyscale built into the colors. it was aggravating so instead of working hard, i went the slacker way and painted on my previous color wheel. i felt bad cause i was doing it all during class but i
t's ok. i was all sprawled out on my desk taking notes, painting the new wheel, and just trying to stay awake. anyways, the teacher liked my wheel when i turned it in i guess it all worked out a-ok.

i haven't been able to keep up with much art lately. i'm still reading about new stuff all the time, but nothing has really caught my eye. sorry mom, i'm sure i'll get more later.

wait...actually there was one guy. some photographer called boogie. check out his work here. the gang folder was my favorite.

here is my favorite:

tomorrow i have to do something in color theory with color harmonies or chords or something. i'm not really looking forward to it but i'm sure if i try to...i can have some fun. truthfully, i just wait to start painting again. when i come home, i'm definitely picking up my materials. the canvas is calling!

i really have no idea where i'm going. i'm wondering and i apologize. i'm really excited to see more films for free. i'll definitely be checking out that place all the time to see if i can find more. i guess the film doesn't come out for another 8 days.

oh yes, i finally paid my ticket from that first day i was here. it was 20 bucks which sucks but i'm just glad to have it handled. i guess i'm lucky it wasn't more though.

i'm glad tomorrow is thursday means it is almost the weekend. it'll be nice to relax. i've been working out a lot lately. i've been running a couple more times and worked out also. the gym downstairs isn't too horrible for an art housing place's weight room. things could definitely be worse. so long as it makes me sore, it does its job.

i'm coming home soon. mother and father try to figure out what you wish to do. cheddar's will be a definite. maybe some tennis. possibly some golf. we'll just have to see. figure out what you would like to do though. we'll have some fun though.


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