Friday, September 08, 2006

i just found a art site that completely blew my mind. way too much talent on one site alone.

i was reading on some hype site and it was talking about a specialty piece of artwork for the science of sleep. of course, i had to check it out. it is incredible...just look below.

the piece is actually by michel gondry. he has really got some great stuff.

anyways, go to the site.... by clicking here

my favorites were E.V. Day, Jonathon Borofsky, Jim Isermann, Chris Johanson, Brad Kahlhamer, Barry Mcgee(he has always been one of my favorites), Os Gemeos, Raqib Shaw, and Swoon(more awesome paper cutting).

then there was one other, kehinde wiley, that i really like but only a few specific pieces check this one out.

i love how she paints rappers doing incredible things. in some of her other works, she will put what looks like a brand pattern(i.e. louis vuitton bags) across the whole thing. i remember her work from a couple years ago.

anyways, sorry so short. add more later. going to boulder again. night


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