Sunday, October 28, 2007


(from l to r: ashley, florence, george, stephanie, samantha, pia(appearing only as legs), le le, and lauren)


the school had a halloween party on friday, and ask for students to design windows.

the design crew:

(l to r: andrew and marilyn)

some competition:

(l to r: mike and george)

the finished design:

i was really pleased with the outcome, but we didn't take home any prizes.

the complement:

i happened upon some ladies taking photos with our window. if you look in the center, the white blur is one of the girls. maybe. camera phones are horrible.

on the 25th, i went to the DALI exhibit at LACMA with sam, ashley, and jamie. the exhibit has multiple paintings and 5 films(including my favorite, DESTINO). free quesodillas were also served. always a plus in my book.

the trip home:

do we really need to be MORE DETACHED? i could go either way.

when i was younger, i used to think about how humans would evolve. THIS ARTICLE has some good ideas, though i don't agree with the longevity claims. then again, THESE CLAMS might help.

ms. katherine:
did you know about this PLACE?
it might be really gimmicky, but it still seems very interesting.

after having had my laptop for a little over a year, the battery is beginning to shows sign of constant use. it can be really aggravating when, in class, the computer only gives me a little over an hours worth of time to type notes and use the internet. THIS WILL BE A GLORIOUS REPLACEMENT.

get your LAST SUPPER fix. the image is 16 billions pixels. in comparison, most of my photos are right underneath 5 million.

how did THIS HAPPEN? congrats to mcauley. still doing big things.


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