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i'm going to do my best to show what it felt like to be in holland. the words i write will never quite do it justice - as no words ever should. it was an experience, and an incredible one at that. i hope i can give some semblance of the feeling that i felt.

if you have any interest in seeing more formal writing about the trip and projects made following, i recommend read the SUMMIT BLOG. i, as well everyone else involved, will be writing there in the coming months.



(l to r: everett and tiffany)

our plane from the city of angels touched down and we were out of the gates immediately. the rest of the group was waiting, have come in shortly before from san francisco. we were on the lookout for a large red and white checkerboard box.

on the plane ride over, i didn't catch much sleep but wasn't too worried about it. i was anxious to see the city. i figured this would be enough to keep my feet moving.



(l to r: ellen, everett, and tiffany)

on our first day, we wandered around the city by foot. the following day, we would pick up bicycles - but i think it was for the best that we explored without them for the first day. it gave us a chance to really feel the pacing and understand how everyone moves and shakes.



(l to r: tiffany, everett, and ellen)

amsterdam is a very intricate web of streets, alleys, and nooks. most major american cities are built along a grid, while most major european cities look something more like a web. amsterdam lives and thrives with bicycles. there has been a rise over the last few decades in city design called NEW URBANISM that talks a bit more about what it is like.



(l to r: tiffany)

the hostel we stayed in was in the JORDAAN DISTRICT. we did the usual girls and boys seperate living situation. the rooms were the semi-sterile looking type, and featured everything we needed any nothing more. it would be safe to call them perfect. the beds were firm and pillows soft. the true beauty of our hostel would be revealed the next morning, when they would serve a solid breakfast to begin our days with.


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I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, I hope to be lucky enough to visit another country someday. It seems that you would be a laughing stock if you didn't own a bike there. :D

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