Monday, September 11, 2006

i need to go to bed but i've found some really incredible artists. they must be shared.

the vik munix person is incredible. hopefully i'll post more of their works tomorrow. i found some awesome stuff with garbage and little plastic characters and i don't even know what else.

to summarize my day, woke...watched us open(hoped for 5 sets)...played soccer....asked to join indoor team....ate about art

then some guy named kent henrickson. yesterday i was in a virgin records and i saw pictures of his work. i wrote down his name on my arm and when i got home i could find little to nothing on him. his work is cool and different and unlike anything i've ever seen. what he does is like finds old tapestries and sows klu klux klan makes or like sow over womens faces to make them look like they have potato sacks over their heads. it is different and i love it. since he was so hard to find i assume he isn't famous, i might be able to afford his work. i've been trying to find a way to contact him...i'll have to keep you posted


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