Saturday, December 08, 2007


the schedule is getting more hectic.
it is about the time for lockdown on school homework.


on the 30th of november, a soft premiere for keith's film, THE ASSESSMENT, was held at our home.

keith had the whole event catered and it was a joyous occasion.

it was one of the best times i've had in a while.

what the star looked like on his movie night:

the night following the premiere, i went out to a couple galleries.
sadly, THE LAB 101 is closing.
went to there last show. they had some nice pieces.

the gallery:

favorite piece:

funny thing about the piece above, apart from being my favorite, is that it was made by my friend, ryan riss. it is really nice when you meet someone really cool and extremely talented.
find out more about him HERE.

another piece i enjoyed:

after the lab, we went to check out SHEPARD FAIREY's show.
we stood in like for almost an hour. the show was packed.
shepard was deejaying his own show.
i'm not really a huge fan, unlike most of my contemporaries, but the show was nice and he had a few really great pieces.

my favorite piece was the money, which can be seen HERE.

at the gallery:

(l to r: mike and george)


went home for thanksgiving.
so many good things.
can't sum it all up.
will try to with 3 things.




seeing family was incredible. most i hadn't seen for years; others i had never seen before.
it was nice to finally give the flat photos a full meaning.


the work is piling and then falling off the edge.

to escape:

(l to r: alexis, me, and ollie)

cut and move:

this is khue and she is great. she works hard, smart, and well.
she is extremely involved in VERUM BRAND. she is doing big things.


sam and i went for dinner at the geisha house. it was a great meal, and a wonderful evening.

in the parking lot:


martin scorsese GETS DOWN with alfred hitchcock.

why the falling dollar is GOOD.

mom, dreams do COME TRUE.

men, wash your HANDS.

so you love your sunsets? CONSTANTLY COVERED ROMANTICS.

i'm loving these SCULPTURES. the ones will holes blown through them.




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