Saturday, September 16, 2006

wow, things have been hectic out here in denver. keeping up my grades that is really all that matters

well...that and soccer

i'm playing on a team called Mile High Mullet Project. of course, the name doesn't sound too serious but so far we are all business. Undefeated at the moment, just in case you didn't know.

if anyone happens to be out here:
7:50:PM Golden Goal (Main Field) RRC(black)
WON 4-2
9/19/2006 8:00:PM Golden Goal (Main Field) Money Shot(Black)
Game Not Played
9/26/2006 8:00:PM Golden Goal (Main Field) Colorado Rapids1(White)
Game Not Played
10/3/2006 10:00:PM Golden Goal (Main Field) SHU 1(green)
Game Not Played
10/10/2006 10:00:PM Golden Goal (Main Field) Artificial Turf1(Green/green)
Game Not Played
10/17/2006 9:00:PM Golden Goal (Main Field) Beer Smurfs 1(lighter blue)
Game Not Played

i'll do my best to keep you updated as we continue to play. i'm not sure i'll be able to make it this upcoming tuesday but i'm thinking i will. the problem is that finals should be going on. the reason it isn't a problem is because i already have 2/3 of my final done. we had to make an object that is balanced(from foam), then duplicate it on paper from all angles, then make a replica from clay. i plan on finishing the clay either tomorrow or monday. either way, i don't think i'll have anything else to do for the next two classes. the only way things wouldn't work out too well is if she happened to say we were going to have another test. cross your fingers for me please

here is my project 2/3rds finished:

in other news, today i went on a run again....on the same route i always been taking. things were good. it was kind of cool today and i was really moving. of course, i knew i was making better time(because everytime i do this my times get better) but then i checked my cell phone after the first half; i had come in around 5 min. 30 sec. and that is about a third of the time it initially took me to run it. on the way back, it took me a little over 7 minutes...which after pushing so hard on the first half isn't too bad. i finished with some sprints, which i actually have a reason to do now that i have soccer. the league and team are really beginning to motivate me.

i've finally begun to get everything kind of organized around here. i finally put together my shelf for my dvds. check it:

tonight i'm going to a concert to see andrew bird(pat, i've put at least two, maybe three songs on your cds).

he came out with a really nice, relaxing record a year or two ago. i'm excited because it will be my first concert in denver. i was invited by a girl in my fundamentals of design class. she went through my ipod one day to learn she enjoys a lot of the music i do. it'll be nice to have someone who enjoys some of the light hearted pop that i do. interesting fact about her: she is in two circuses and is a trapeze artist

hopefully i can pick up some pictures tonight for all of you

i think i've talked to you about how i've been getting free tickets to movies. i just got one to Infamous. it is the story about truman capote and looks good but sadly i miss it because i will be in joplin. i think i've worked out a way to see the new borat movie for free. i learned about some special thing on myspace(which i do not have) and had wynn let me use his account. anyways, hopefully i'm able to pick up some free tickets....FREE IS GREAT

watch Borat's movie trailer by clicking here

it is going to be one of the funniest movies to come out in the last decade. i guarantee it

other than that, i've been on some crazy mad art lately. so big things have been happening that you MUST know about...

first, BANKSY....the crazy graffiti stencil dude who always has something to say.....just put on his first big show. the artwork is crazy and word is that most of his pieces are moving for $1,000,000+. it was a three day show and celebs were there out the wazoo.

click here to view his work

one of my favorite artists, donny miller has just put out a book recently. it is called beautiful people with beautiful feelings. anyways, he pretty much does exactly what i want to do. i'm kind of pissed the bastard beat me to it, but more power to him. i really do love his work though. anyways, crazy thing is that on his website...the first image that comes up.....i had the on my computer desktop like 4 years ago. he just has incredible touch on all his work.....almost like pop art with a modern touch.

click here to go to donny's site

there have been a few interesting developments in the sneaker busines....

one more artist i've really come to like is mel ramos. in fact, one of my favorite artists...richard phillips...well i'm pretty sure he just kind of completely adopted his stlye. then again, i still haven't found anything of mel's that beats richard's scout.

mel's website

other than that, i need to be taking more photos. i'll try to get some of my soccer team...and just everything else that i'm doing.

here is one of the few i've taken lately:

greg, wynn, and cletus getting into trouble. funny thing is wynn actually thought we would let him sleep.....ha.....sleep

oh yeah, one more art thing....
really cool thing out in new york
relatively inexpensive for the great art involved


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