Thursday, September 21, 2006


my two finals:

1. Color Theory:
A. I worked until like 5 in the morning. This was my station of work.

B. The original photo.

C. The finished version after i worked on it in class.

2. Fundamentals of Design
A.My finished drawings with original sculpture and clay replica.

I'm really happy to have everything completed. Next quarter I'm taking fundamentals of drawing, computer application, critical thinking, and copy & news writing.

I plan on giving the painting to Alex.

Sorry, I wasn't able to get a picture of the soccer team. Anyways, we won our first game and lost our second.

Click here to see team rankings and results

At the moment we are ranked #1 but I'm not sure we can hold it after next week. The next team we play is above decent and actually ranked #2. Though, they are not the second best team in the league. I've watched a few others play and I think 'Happy Hour Experience' is the next best. I'm sad I have to miss the next game but when i return, I'll be really ready to play.

I miss you all and I'll be seeing you soon.


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