Saturday, October 14, 2006

yeah, so the internet thing isn't going so well out here.... but i'm working on it so these posts don't become so infrequent.

i've been doing a lot. i don't know where to start. things are crazy busy and just crazy. though, that is a good thing.

lots of art.
i went to the art walk. it was nice. lots of galleries displaying lots of art.
my favorites:

<-love this one

<-smoke effects were incredible. note: there was two smoke towers from a power plant or something of the sort in the background that i don't think the picture shows

<- my favorite

<- a shakespeare scene i believe


Blogger mom said...

cole...thanks for the pics of your new friends- erica & Joe & becca. I liked the colorful swirly piece between the realistic still life & monkey on my back.Did you take any interior shots of the museum?Have you gone to hot dam?They have a denver film club. You might check it out. We saw the departed ...toomuch killing.too much cussing...almost makes a person ill.But dinner with the Dixons was great! and thank you so much for teaching me the computer, you & good night.

9:30 PM  

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