Saturday, October 14, 2006

then on my birthday, i went to the denver art museum which was open for the first 36 hours free of charge.

of course, i thought great...FREE. well sadly, i wasn't aware that i needed to reserve tickets. erica was gracious enough to take me down there. she also brought along two friends or friends of a friend or something. it was confusing, believe me.

the gang after being rejected at the art museum(erica on right)

we went the next night at 630. the museum was beautiful. i was worried that the architecture would end up hindering the artwork, almost fighting it, but it worked out nicely.

check the museum

other than that, my birthday was relaxing. didn't do a whole lot but just took my time going everywhere. strolling, i guess....but those really are the best days. the weather was great; i couldn't have ask for more.

random photos of the night:
hacky sack

bum....also drunk(near the museum)

group of people: me, don't know, cletus, bekah, josh, and joe

janay(during her turn)in the kareoke off....sadly, she won this round....but only because whitney houston was the deciding factor(dad, i know you feel my pain)

and i'm sure that isn't all i need to talk about but it is almost 4 and i want to go to bed. i'm not sure what my plan is for tomorrow, but i think i am going to watch THE CONVERSATION

i watched DOGVILLE yesterday and it was excellent. it was a by LARS VON TRIER, a director i have read a lot about but sadly haven't seen many of his films. believe me, i am working on this though. if you've ever read about any thing of his, it was probably DANCER IN THE DARK which starred BJORK. something to note, she was so pressed by von trier during filming of the movie that she completely gave up acting after the film. crazy thing is, i'm pretty sure she won best actress at the cannes film festival. eh, that is just life

next time i post, i'll try to show all of my current work. nothing too fun yet but i've done a couple things that might be of interest.

alright, i'm really tired. good night...i miss you all


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