Sunday, February 25, 2007

so lots and lots of hard work has been happening at andenken recently.

i've been involved in setting up shows before, but none has been so labor intensive.

the current show is for the tenants.

lots of incredible work being made within the walls on market street.

the crowd near closing

box with light inside(way better than my picture shows)

crazy wood contraption

a.j. fosik

ceramic milk cartons with

jeanne's (pronounced gene-e) wonderfully covered furniture

with no more delay, my piece:

after lots of inner debate and too little sleep, i settled on putting, " EVERYTHING I OWN IS ON I.O.U."

i had written that in my little idea book a while back after hearing it in M.I.A.'s song PULL UP THE PEOPLE

pat, your piece:

(click for enlargement)

this little baby has come together after about 13 hours of work.

everything on pat and the whole hand/arm/finger were hand drawn, while the background just has a filter on it.

it's so weird, i haven't actually seen pat in about 3 months and i'm already sick of his face.

the original:

one last wish:

take 9 minutes out of your day to close your eyes and listen to a song for me


(click the fast-forward arrow 5 times until you reach 'death is the road to awe' from the fountain)

turn it up and proceed to dream


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