Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ah, the candy of life

sometimes it is just nice to do some things that don't take too much thinking and are just plain enjoyable.

i just had a nice discussion with a friend about the pleasantries of sitting around doing nothing.

some days it is just needed.

first off, will the snow ever stop.

i came out of my early class to see it pouring snow. it has since slowed, but i want a 60 degree day.

i'm telling you, global cooling is real!

been drawing
(for self pleasure and class):

1. the spooky/creepy piece

i plan on making a whole bunch of copies and writing random phrases in her box then leaving them in the gallery

on the original, i think i'm going to write the lyrics to the song "I Think We're Alone Now"

i've still need to finish the background and darken her shading

2. animal piece

had to go to bass pro shops for my observational drawing course

drew 3 pieces. this is the buffalo bison(thanks pat!)

though i really prefer to watch serious films, every once in a while i need, what i call, a candy film.

just like enjoyable sugar that isn't needed, but still is nice.

the upcoming sugar i want to see(trailers in links):



looks interesting (but much more serious):



thoroughly enjoyed BEFORE SUNRISE

not exactly what i would call incredible, though great in its own way

quite original

next up:

hitchcock's REAR WINDOW



initially missed HALF-NELSON

i've really been wanting to see it and it came out on dvd today

ryan gosling is nominated for best actor for this film and is supposed to be great

with the nomination, it is returning to some theaters


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