Friday, February 02, 2007

can't wait GRIND HOUSE

can't wait


remember that film F FOR FAKE that i watched far too often...orsen about elmyr de hory and a small story on picasso....anyway, it has a thing about clifford irving.....the man who conned america on some howard hughes business....the book guy. anyways, there is a new movie coming out about him. let's cross our fingers and hope it doesn't suck


must see on imax


this upcoming wednesday i'm going to go see a sneek peek of THE LIVES OF OTHERS

this film has been getting a decent amount of press.

it was nominated for the most awarms in german film history.

thus far it has gone 5 of 9 in the category of best film. it is also nominated for best foreign language film at the oscar's.

the film makes its american debut on friday.

THE TRAILER FOR THE FILM(which i haven't watched and won't...i enjoy the surprise)


Blogger Margie said...

the lives of others looked very interesting.I think dad and i would both like it. 300 looked like a guy movie...too red for me. Interesting because we just watched TROY and it was also an epic tale of war between troy and sparta.

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