Tuesday, December 05, 2006

lots and lots has been happening....just trying to catch up over this last week or so.

right now my homework has been pretty intense, but i'm still enjoying it. in computer app., i've been designing my website. i have class this wednesday so it might be up sometime soon. i'll give you heads up, when i know more.

ah, speaking of websites.....my artwork is now for sale online.


click shop then at the bottom left of the next page.....click my name....and voila
i can't lie. i'm pretty excited.

ah, yes......a while back i mentioned a super smash bros tournament. for winning i recieved the center spot on the poster.


steve did beautiful work, as usual. my poster is already on the way from kodak.

the last couple weeks i've come home from the gallery with "trash" that happens to be artwork. hyland, the owner, said he didn't have a problem with me taking whatever i want. most of the stuff is just unclaimed by the artist.

my favorite piece from last week:

some other interesting pieces from last week:

the things i brought home today:

(i like the ones on top of my bed. the middle is my favorite of this week's crop. the bottom right slightly resembles a rothko.)

this last sunday, i went to play soccer at golden goal and play was excellent as usual. this time around i happened to bring a video camera. lots of crazy stuff. the one guy who used to play for the columbian national team did a move i've never seen anyone else do before.....EVER.


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