Friday, November 10, 2006

this quarter my classes have been somewhat lackluster. last wednesday we learned the program photoshop and i thought it was pretty intersting. only problem is that there is so much to do on the program that i won't ever know everything. luckily my good friend steve(tall guy from halloween part who also happens to be a pool shark) knows the program way too well. pretty much better than the back of his he helped me out.

adam if made into a woman:

and yes i is really eerie. like i said before, steve is too good at this.

so anyways, i thought it might be humorous to write a note on facebook seeing whether people would prefer adam as a girl or guy. i've ask our group of friends to cast their votes and i'll have to keep you updated on how that goes.

here is how the note looks on facebook:

i finally finished disc one of city of men. i was so pleased with how well it was put together that i figured i would go buy it from tower. i had previously hid it, just in case i enjoyed the series. sadly, my hidden stash had been raided and my precious dvd sold.

i should mention that i did pick up some x-mas gifts... the following people are now off my list:
Patrick Allen Turk
Richard Allen Moss(might pick up one other not totally crossed off)
Erica Don't Know The Middle Name Anderson

speaking of christmas, madre and i spoke about the christmas card today. i need to get to steppin' or it might not get done.

i've gotten over a 1/4th done on my piece for the auction and promised my mother i would post it once i made it that far. to no further ado:

it still has a lot of work to be done. i put in at least an hour a night. i'm still debating a title, but i've got a few ideas i'm mulling over.

oh yeah, check out me bartending. credit to nigel for the photo. mom and dad i hope you're proud....i pumped that keg like a pro.

so for myself, i picked up willy wonka and the chocolate factory. my all-time favorite child film. don't get me wrong, peter pan and the never ending story come close....but they just aren't willy. anyways, i was watching an extra feature discussing how the film was pretty much made to come out with a new candy bar which adopted the name wonka....thus the wonka bar. the line is still used sometimes today, but usually not for chocolate. the candy bar that came out with the movie ended up being withdrawn very quickly because of a mistake in the recipe that caused the bar to melt while just sitting on a grocery store shelf. pretty much to sum it up, i wish i could still buy wonka bars....

one of the worst things about graphic designers is how bad they can screw up good things. this really occured to me today when i bought wonka....check out the old poster:

then the one i just purchased:

i wish you could see the box closer. it is photoshopped horribly. it isn't even charlie's body....they just put his face on some other child's torso. then the horrible clip art....and makes me want to scream. sadly, i find horrible design so much more often than something that is well executed and professional. this is why i want to do what i want to do


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