Thursday, October 19, 2006

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.

i awoke to small flakes falling to the ground. later they got bigger. by 6 o'clock, they were huge.

for pat, the f430 i saw

the incredible shoe store i went to....the 400

it was very cool while i was in there. the dude second from the left knew a lot about lupe fiasco and knew him personally. we talked about him and all this business. it was great.

later that night i played soccer, here is the Mile High Mullet Project....w/o nigel & randy

top to bottom, left to right: (brian, tony, me, jeff....robi, heather, anna, shane)

we won 8 to 6 and beat the best team in the league. i had 3 goals, maybe it was 4, and an assist. we start the playoffs next weekend. wish us luck


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