Monday, October 16, 2006

today the weather was quite nice. i would have liked to spend more time outside, but my classes wouldn't allow it. i spent most of my time gazing out the windows and it was nice. here is the sunset i caught during fundamentals of drawing.

last night, i layed around in my room a lot....watching films, listening to music, and i drew some also. it was nice, as it served as a warm up for my sketch i had to complete for fundamentals of drawing.

the drawing:

i had previously mentioned that erica and i went to the museum. here is the only picture i took of our adventure.

for mother, the only chuck close piece on display.(it is carpet)

on thursday night i will be seeing THE PRESTIGE
it is a pre-pass thing. i picked up two and josh picked up one, thus we will be taking six people.
i am figuring roommates and a couple friends.

i read today about wes anderson's new film titled THE DARJEELING LIMITED. it is going to be filmed in india and the actors are owen wilson, roman coppola, and jason schwartzman. it won't be out for a long, long time.

on friday, i will be seeing MARIE ANTIONETTE. i have been waiting for a long time. i've really like SOFIA COPPOLA's other films. mother, you and i watched THE VIRGIN SUICIDES together a long time ago. And over the last couple years i've really come to enjoy LOST IN TRANSLATION.

also, today i found a guy who plans on going snowboarding a lot. he drives a new jeep wrangler, which is always nice on the mountain. hopefully he and i can have some fun this winter.

tomorrow, i plan on going to get my ski pass. i have to go to the REI store and get my photo taken. please cross your fingers that i have a good hair day


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