Friday, November 03, 2006

i love it when it feels like i don't have a chance to think. it seems like i've been so busy recently that everything i've done has been instinct, which usually ends up being good.

i've been watching a tv series called CITY OF MEN and it is just incredible. i'm still only a few episodes in and it is already seems great. it is based on one of my favorite movies, CITY OF GOD. of course, it doesn't shine nearly as bright as the movie, but i don't think anything could live up to that.

last tuesday the mile high mullet project lost in the championship game 5 to 4. i wasn't happy but we lost to a good team. also, for the most part, we fought hard. i think i had 3 goals in the final and either 3 or 4 in the semifinals, which we won 5 to 4. i was pretty beat up around my shins and ankles, but i enjoy the feeling; makes me feel like i've taken some people to school.

i went skiing for the first time in my short time out in colorado. i went with a friend kelli. here she is chilling on the mountain:

it was a nice day and relatively uneventful. i took a camera from the school for class. it is for an upcoming project in computer application. i will be using photoshop and it is supposed to be a self-portrait without any photos of myself. more info to come.

here is one of the photos i took with the school's camera:

tonight, the 3rd, i helped ANDENKEN open their new show. it was for a local denver group called THE YUMMIES. they had billions of friends artwork in the show. lots of neat pieces. i served the booze all night and i was fun. i even ended up making some moolah which was nice. nigel and robi dropped by and we all hung out for a bit. it was really nice.

robi, person, nigel(looking inbred), and person

here are my favorite pieces from the show:
my favorite of them all

cool use of space;interesting structure

for you dad, though still one of my favorites

something about it

one of the coolest things about the yummies is that, although they also paint, they also perform. in costumes. funny. i kind of had a little exchange with the guy in the animal suit too. hopefully something will come of it.

oh yes, my last assignment in computer application was the create a logo. i based it on my previous logo from fundamentals of design. i've actually modified it since then just a tad bit to include my initials(per my teachers request....the idiot/person i disagree with. long story but in my opinion good logos don't need letters). the one with letters came out pretty nicely though. i'll probably post next time.

also, i've begun work on my piece for st. avips. it is coming along at a steady pace but i will show it once i have more done. it will sort of be like that black and white which i had previously been showing....but more solid around the whole.

i've got to run to work on a something special. one hint: my artwork will be transferring surfaces without my help


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