Thursday, October 26, 2006

this whole blog site has been down lately. a couple of days ago i was getting on the server to make a post and their whole site practically crashed.

i really procrastinated on my fundamentals of drawing work. i actually arrived to class without anything. eh, so it happens and i did this really quickly. maybe war is on my mind. the north korea business had me a little shaken. i mean if there is one country that actually has the balls to do something, i would say it is them.

later on, in class, we were given time to draw whatever we felt like. anyone who has remotely seen my sketch book would know that i've been on a portraits tangent for a while. thus, i did a face. i gave him my hair.

of all of my classes this quarter, i would say i am enjoying fund. of drawing the most. next,copy and news writing....and then, in last place together, computer applications and critical thinking.

over the last couple days i've had some free time where i sit there and just stare at the project at hand; with this free time i've begun doodling. the work so far:

i've been lying around watching a lot of movies and the new season of the OC. tonight i enjoyed MEET JOE BLACK and i hope to watch SEVEN SAMARUI.

current weather: pouring snow outside. cold. i'm sure it will be warm by morning.


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