Wednesday, November 15, 2006

things are kind of coming to a close out here and i'm kind of happy. i'm really excited for this break. friends and family couldn't sound any better. i think i've been building myself towards this break though. i've been working so hard, spreading myself over quite a bit that i'm just ready to sleep in my bed.....and maybe eat some magic noodle.

1. Physical Activity:
I enjoy working out but i usually don't do it unless i haven't in a while or i'm aggrevated over something. luckily, i've had quite a few motivators recently. steve, wynn, and myself have been hitting the gym once every few nights and it has been nice, tiring, and the cause of lots of soreness.

this also hasn't been helped by the fact that i've begun doing yoga. in one of my classes, critical thinking, (check out his BOOK....i found it on amazon)we were supposed to choose a goal for the quarter....mine was deeper workouts and relaxation strategies. thus, i figured yoga might be the perfect place to start, seeing as how it is a happy medium and all.

i was fortunate enough to have a teacher come to the towers to give a free class. following the class, i spoke to her and she helped me out with some more advanced positions. i'm still working on a couple though.

my favorite position ye far:

two days after my intense workout session, i spent a day on the mountain. pretty much everyone and their cousin came to KEYSTONE and it was a great time. we got their around 11 and left at 4. i really enjoyed it and somehow managed to not kill myself, though sometimes i thought my muscles were trying to.

the group(w/ erica somewhere else):

(dustin, lacey, austin, staphanie, adam, ryan, kelli, dave, and myself)

smash bros is being played practically every night. the usuals are wynn, steve, and myself....but everyonce in a while joe or someone else sneeks in for a little bit.

this will end up serving well over thanksgiving break as there will be lots of time spent playing this game.

a couple of days ago, steve came up with the idea that we should make a poster. i've already seen a pretty good rough draft and it is magnificent. we have all three of our faces on their, but the tricky part was decideding who would get the coveted middle slot. we decided we should have a race to 15. first to get there would get their place, whomever was in second at the time would get to pick their side, and third would get nothing and like it.

it was a really intense night and very close for most of it. steve came out to take the lead initially. be was the first to reach 10. after the short break, i began mounting a major comeback and ended up winning by the tally of myself with 15, steve with 12, and wynn with 10.

as soon as i can, i'll post the poster. until then, this photo of them after the loss will have to do.


3. School

classes are getting better and harder, just what i like. i had to mock up some photos for computer app. in photoshop. they are supposed to be self-portraits without me in them.

numero uno:

i like it when things are calm, nice, and serene. thus i went with the beach, the mountains, a sunset, and the ocean. i took the photo of the mountain....i think i even posted it before.

numero dos:

this one was less thought out. basically, i like it when i can control what is going on. thus the switchboard to the world.

for some reason, since i've come out here....i really have just been living on mac & cheese, rotel, and ramen. not saying i don't like those but the one meal i've really been missing is fettucini alfredo. after numerous attempts on prepackaged sauces, i decided to make some myself. oh god, how good it was. i was so excited i took a photo.


i've been working on my art piece and i think i've decided on a title, but i'll save that until i finish the piece completely.

almost half-way:

so i went to see ISLANDS

the band:

it was awesome and crazy and something else altogether.
they came like 9 hours late. i got to the club at 7:30 to make sure i got a good spot in front of the stage; then, the band didn't arrive until about 12:30 and then started about 12:50. it was really aggrevating but made me appreciate it so much more. so i was right in the front of the stage, taking photos and enjoying everything.

at the beginning of the show, NICK DIAMONDS, formerly of my favorite band ever, THE UNICORNS, was right in front of me.

check out how close nick was:

crazy part was, at one point, he took my camera from my and started taking photos of the crowd.

the photo he took of me:

(notice my 'i can only imagine' t-shirt)

sorry you weren't able to join me pat. don't you worry though; i got plenty of videos.

i'm not sure if i'll get up another post before i come home. mayby, maybe not. until then...can't wait to see you all


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