Saturday, December 02, 2006

blogger has been on the fritz lately. it can't seem to handle pictures and thus i've found it kind of pointless to post anything. again, sorry...

i just presented my final for critical thinking. my goal was to attain a better understanding of relaxation methods, as well as to do much deeper workouts.

although both are extremely different, they've always kind of run hand in hand for me. lots of memories embedded from working out for high school, but it really doesn't serve the same purpose that it used to. although before working out benefited me, it really helped the team out too. now the only thing i'm really helping is myself. it makes it all much more rewarding.

with the weather being so bad recently, running hasn't really been an option. i've opted for the bike. i've been pushing myself in 20 minute sessions and i'll just go ahead and say it never gets easy.

here are some of the yoga positions i showed in class:

i just finished the christmas card artwork. madre has stated that the card is already in the works. big things for the moss family in '06.

i've got more to show. more updates later.


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