Saturday, December 09, 2006

tonight was a very interesting evening. things i had planned didn't work out and pretty much everything else worked out for the better.

for starters, i was supposed to be seeing freedom writers....but upon showing up late i was informed that the movie was at capacity. i kicked my foot against the ground and began twiddling my thumbs. i looked around the theater, spoke to some workers about some films and their involvement in denver. i hadn't realized it, but the theater was where the denver film festival was held.

i picked up a brochure and sat down near the ticket booth to read through and figure out what i was going to do. i wasn't exactly sure i still wanted to see a movie but i wanted to read the synopsis on the films they were showing. i had only heard of about 2 of the 8 films they were showing. as i began reading, two films specifically caught my eye. the one i didn't go see, but am interested in....possibly a viewing JONESTOWN: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PEOPLES TEMPLE. of course, wikipedia always has more INFO.

the film i ended up in was WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS. i went into the theater about 45 minutes before it began and happened to doze off. little naps are good but i was worried that it would through off my movie experience. luckily it didn't and the film really kept my attention. i throughly enjoyed the film, though it was nothing great or life changing. it was definitely better than i expected though.

now to get to the interesting part, this was actually the films theatrical release. it debuted at los angeles film festival a few months back and has since been featured in many film festivals. now with most theatrical debuts, people involved in the movie are generally there. thus both directors/writers were there.

it was really refreshing speaking to someone who had really poured their hearts into a project. i love the idea of risking everything for something. these two had definitely done this; they mentioned that they payed for the whole movie by paying for the whole thing with multiple credit cards. i can't even imagine how scared they must have been. the cojones on those two.
anyways, things ended up working out really nicely or so they told me. they even said with the money they had left over they were able to buy a prius. oh yeah and all this while they were having a child(now 16 months). big ups to eli despres and kim roberts and their little baby boy.

now with inspiring things around me, i kind of said i guess it is time to one up my style. we'll see what the finished product looks like but i kind of came up with something of an idea/style while showing. i'm pretty sure it was during JENS LEKMAN's song called pocketful of money. if so, thanks jens. maybe i'll send the finished piece to him to see if he could use it.

here is the new piece:

(about an hour or so deep)

i believe i'll be skiing sunday. homework tomorrow. monday i turn in a final and then go in for a review of portfolio. wednesday i present my website. friday i give a business/money/advertising campaign to the head people of benny blanco's. no problema.

then saturday it is home. can't wait to see everyone.


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