Thursday, December 07, 2006

my website is up and pretty much good to go. there a few down links in the portfolio part, but only on the explore away.

over the next couple days i'll be fixing everything that is wrong. sadly, we only received 5 mbs to work with, but when i get back from xmas break i will have 50. HIIGH FIVVE!!

sadly, the only artwork i had to post was from emails i had sent people previously. once i get my other computer up i will be updating the work.

let me know if you notice anything that seems wrong.

to no further ado..

in other news, recently i've been watching lots of movies and tv shows. yesterday i watched BRAZIL: "THE LOVE CONQUERS ALL" version....which i didn't really what it was. i figured it had more of a love story but it is actually just like a happy ending film, instead of the original which is not at all.

i also watched wes anderson's BOTTLE ROCKET. i thought it was nice and enjoyable though not the usual quality of anderson. i can't blame him though; without a budget it can be hard to display a specific style.

i just picked up a test screening pass for FREEDOM WRITERS. i'll be seeing it friday and we'll see how it goes. i hadn't heard much about it, but upon putting in some research i've learned that it is supposed to be pretty good. we'll see though; i have a feeling it will be the normal work harder/feel good film.

i've got the rest of the day off. probably some homework and maybe some working out. never know for sure.


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