Thursday, February 01, 2007

been doing some skiing. vail was incredible. lots of black diamonds and lots of things not broken. praise the lord. hope to go back this weekend.

tom, nigel, and myself on the way there:

a couple nights before, did some sledding with these fine fellows.
tony on left, ryan on right:

padre, here is the crack in my windshield.

i had been devoting lots of my time to grey's anatomy. having people call me mcdreamy peaked my interest. i enjoyed the show. it is nice to just sit and watch something while having my dinner, but now all i can do is crave season 3 on dvd. DAG YO!!!

the next movies i will be watching are as follows:

also, i watched the devil's playground. it was very interesting, though not life changing. i'd like to know more, but i think my current knowledge will suffice for the time being.

i've been working on character development on the stories. lots of influences coming at me all the time. i'm really enjoying it.

i think i'm going to start giving away the story piece by piece on here....we'll see

the first tidbit(though things might chance): the story centers around 3 characters, while focusing mainly on two

on a side note, will the snow ever stop?
it seems quite ironic that we went two years without it and now we can't go a week without it. maybe i should just enjoy it while i have it


Blogger Margie said...

Can you publish a picture of mcdreamy? he can't be as mcdreamy as you. signed your mother.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Margie said...

i'm going to run right out and rent before sunset!

8:54 PM  

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