Saturday, January 27, 2007

tardiness is being all too common.

all i've done over the last couple days is watch grey's anatomy, play age of empires II, and lay around in my underwear.

a few nights ago i went to a girl named lizzie's home. lizzie was in my fundamentals of design class my first quarter in denver. i like her because she laughs exactly like emily pinkerton....which is kind of weird but i'm pretty sure it is my favorite laugh of all-time(with the little time that i have actually had).it was just nice to get out of the towers and explore. i was with tony and ryan and i really enjoyed it. at one point, sometime around one, we walked up to some big hill and went sledding.

i'm planning on going to vail tomorrow to ski. it is looking to be an all day excursion. i'm hoping all goes well.

i went to andenken last tuesday and started cataloging the current are my favorite pieces:

in class a day or two ago i messed around with a picture of fleischaker. i think flei said it perfectly when he said, "this just creeps me out."

the picture(from an xmas break night):

the next film(actually a documentary) i'll be watching:

it is supposed to be about when an amish person gets the chance to go against their parents life choice and get the chance to enter society in a more normal manner. it's a pretty big deal and i'm really excited for this film. this is the type of documentary i would be interested in making. the subject matter is challenging while also being interesting.

yesterday night i almost went and slept outside of a finish line for a pair of $180+ shoe. i usually wouldn't do this because i mean it is just a shoe....but then again it is a dope shoe. i haven't liked a jordan this much in a long long time. it is a limited edition, west coast only release, that is far too perfect. it was made with jordan and spike lee for the commemoration for spike's company turning 20 years old.

the spiz'ike:

i've started on a big project....a story actually. i have a feeling it is going to be taking up a lot of my free time. sorry i can't say more but i'm pretty sure i know where it is going but i don't know how it is going to get there. maybe more updates later


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