Monday, December 11, 2006

these last couple days have been very interesting.

yesterday, i went skiing. it was definitely the best day i have spent on the mountain. the weather was practically perfect weather, about 30 degrees, which is great for being up 11,000 feet. since i had been last many more runs had opened up as well as many other lifts....thus meaning more space. space is nice when flying down a mountain.

the first half of the day was incredible was great. i only fell once following a jump i wasn't expecting, and i've definitely had worse. also, no one hit me really hard from behind. always a plus in my book.

really the only bad thing that happened was i happened to lose a glove while filming on a lift. i wasn't too worried but i wasn't just going to leave it. i went for lunch then plotted on how to retrieve my mother's lost black glove. i mean we've had these gloves for like 10 damn years, i will not be the one to lose this moss family artifact.

i figured i had lost the glove somewhere at the beginning of 'peru express'. i rode the lift and saw two gloves before the trees clear for 'last hoot'. i figured one had to be mine.

following lunch i ventured to the bottom of the hill to begin my adventure. the 55 angle climb looked much easier to climb from afar, as most things do.

i began to conquer the mountain slowly but steadily. using my tough plastic ski boots to stick myself in the hill, to keep myself from sliding. i began to steadily make it to the first glove. as i got closer and the excitement grew, i reached for the glove only to realize that it didn't actually have fingers, but one solid piece for non-thumbs. so i'm really pretty tired by now but i decide i must go on. i climbed almost to the ski path when i reached the next glove. sadly, it was already part of the snow and thus not newly lost. i carried on with both and continued to go up the slope hoping to see another glove soon. as soon as i made it onto the slope, i was pulling myself up the hill while trying to jam my foot into a solid patch of ice. my boot lost the battle and my body's motion began to make me slide.

if i had to guess, i'd say i went about 40 to 50 yards down the hill before i was able to grab something then slam my foot into the ground. so pretty much, i went down my first black diamond yesterday!

ah but to make it all more humiliating, people were cheering for me while initially climbing the mountain and later clapped when i fly down the mountain. life really is beautiful.

oh and of course the story ends happily. i took the gloves to the lost and found, just to turn them in. i had previously checked the box for my glove, but this time around there happened to be one glove in it and that glove was mine/my mother's. yeah, it was nice.

now onto today, i went to my first final in critical thinking to turn in my paper and present a whole bunch of old things i had done as my "ideabook". it wasn't so much that i was trying to cheat the system, but more that i prefered my system more. i don't like the idea of someone going "YOU MUST THINK OF THINGS AND WRITE THEM DOWN." i like to let things come to me and i won't force it, not even for a grade. anyways, i came out of the class with a very sufficient grade

my next class is fundamentals of drawing and the final is presenting all the work i did this quarter. i'm quite ready to have my pieces review and am quite confident that my grade should be good in the class.

today, i came across a movie i really enjoyed. i had heard a few good things about LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN before, but still wasn't really sure. i had seen it listed as a favorite movie on facebook by a few people with often flaky tastes. anyways, i ordered it on netflix and really enjoyed it. i don't think i'll be watching it again really soon, but it is one of those films i'd enjoy revisiting every few years. dad, this is a movie for you. don't hesitate to rent it.

5 days 'til i'm home
can't wait


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cole, I heart you! Congrats on everything!

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