Thursday, February 08, 2007

oh the tides are a changin'

i've been so sick lately. trying to get over that hump while not being completely bedridden. lots of vitamins and anything else that seems like it might help are being taken all the time.

last night i was up until 4 working on homeworking. psh psh to all those people who said procrastination wasn't an art form. anyways, i did 3 images for digital manipulation. sadly, after i thought i checked my alarm clock twice, i somehow didn't arise at my usual was more like 11:30....which is bad.

the 3 "postcards":

clouds, one of my yoga poses, christmas candy cane art

clouds, flower photo from 1st quarter, my eye

horrible job on pat's....absolutely messed up everything. try to make him a body out of clouds

original one, looks better but worse idea for design

pat, this is the photo of you, emily, and summer from homecoming

went to see THE LIVES OF OTHERS:

something unusual happened....i thoroughly enjoyed it. made me think. great for discussion......but i haven't thought about it since then.....which i don't think is a good thing....or maybe it is.

i've been trying to weigh it against PAN'S LABYRINTH and i'm not sure that is fair. both play with heavy subjects(though the trailer for pan's doesn't show this) and heavy many emotional undercurrents.

i haven't seen the other films nominated for best foreign feature but i'd like to.

the rest of my list:




madre, this is the mcdreamy they refer to:

i don't really see it

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Blogger Margie said...'s your hair, nose,chin,and terrific smile!

9:13 PM  
Blogger Margie said...

liked your photos alot, especially the eye of the aloe.

9:21 PM  

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