Monday, December 11, 2006

these last couple days have been very interesting.

yesterday, i went skiing. it was definitely the best day i have spent on the mountain. the weather was practically perfect weather, about 30 degrees, which is great for being up 11,000 feet. since i had been last many more runs had opened up as well as many other lifts....thus meaning more space. space is nice when flying down a mountain.

the first half of the day was incredible was great. i only fell once following a jump i wasn't expecting, and i've definitely had worse. also, no one hit me really hard from behind. always a plus in my book.

really the only bad thing that happened was i happened to lose a glove while filming on a lift. i wasn't too worried but i wasn't just going to leave it. i went for lunch then plotted on how to retrieve my mother's lost black glove. i mean we've had these gloves for like 10 damn years, i will not be the one to lose this moss family artifact.

i figured i had lost the glove somewhere at the beginning of 'peru express'. i rode the lift and saw two gloves before the trees clear for 'last hoot'. i figured one had to be mine.

following lunch i ventured to the bottom of the hill to begin my adventure. the 55 angle climb looked much easier to climb from afar, as most things do.

i began to conquer the mountain slowly but steadily. using my tough plastic ski boots to stick myself in the hill, to keep myself from sliding. i began to steadily make it to the first glove. as i got closer and the excitement grew, i reached for the glove only to realize that it didn't actually have fingers, but one solid piece for non-thumbs. so i'm really pretty tired by now but i decide i must go on. i climbed almost to the ski path when i reached the next glove. sadly, it was already part of the snow and thus not newly lost. i carried on with both and continued to go up the slope hoping to see another glove soon. as soon as i made it onto the slope, i was pulling myself up the hill while trying to jam my foot into a solid patch of ice. my boot lost the battle and my body's motion began to make me slide.

if i had to guess, i'd say i went about 40 to 50 yards down the hill before i was able to grab something then slam my foot into the ground. so pretty much, i went down my first black diamond yesterday!

ah but to make it all more humiliating, people were cheering for me while initially climbing the mountain and later clapped when i fly down the mountain. life really is beautiful.

oh and of course the story ends happily. i took the gloves to the lost and found, just to turn them in. i had previously checked the box for my glove, but this time around there happened to be one glove in it and that glove was mine/my mother's. yeah, it was nice.

now onto today, i went to my first final in critical thinking to turn in my paper and present a whole bunch of old things i had done as my "ideabook". it wasn't so much that i was trying to cheat the system, but more that i prefered my system more. i don't like the idea of someone going "YOU MUST THINK OF THINGS AND WRITE THEM DOWN." i like to let things come to me and i won't force it, not even for a grade. anyways, i came out of the class with a very sufficient grade

my next class is fundamentals of drawing and the final is presenting all the work i did this quarter. i'm quite ready to have my pieces review and am quite confident that my grade should be good in the class.

today, i came across a movie i really enjoyed. i had heard a few good things about LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN before, but still wasn't really sure. i had seen it listed as a favorite movie on facebook by a few people with often flaky tastes. anyways, i ordered it on netflix and really enjoyed it. i don't think i'll be watching it again really soon, but it is one of those films i'd enjoy revisiting every few years. dad, this is a movie for you. don't hesitate to rent it.

5 days 'til i'm home
can't wait

Saturday, December 09, 2006

tonight was a very interesting evening. things i had planned didn't work out and pretty much everything else worked out for the better.

for starters, i was supposed to be seeing freedom writers....but upon showing up late i was informed that the movie was at capacity. i kicked my foot against the ground and began twiddling my thumbs. i looked around the theater, spoke to some workers about some films and their involvement in denver. i hadn't realized it, but the theater was where the denver film festival was held.

i picked up a brochure and sat down near the ticket booth to read through and figure out what i was going to do. i wasn't exactly sure i still wanted to see a movie but i wanted to read the synopsis on the films they were showing. i had only heard of about 2 of the 8 films they were showing. as i began reading, two films specifically caught my eye. the one i didn't go see, but am interested in....possibly a viewing JONESTOWN: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PEOPLES TEMPLE. of course, wikipedia always has more INFO.

the film i ended up in was WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS. i went into the theater about 45 minutes before it began and happened to doze off. little naps are good but i was worried that it would through off my movie experience. luckily it didn't and the film really kept my attention. i throughly enjoyed the film, though it was nothing great or life changing. it was definitely better than i expected though.

now to get to the interesting part, this was actually the films theatrical release. it debuted at los angeles film festival a few months back and has since been featured in many film festivals. now with most theatrical debuts, people involved in the movie are generally there. thus both directors/writers were there.

it was really refreshing speaking to someone who had really poured their hearts into a project. i love the idea of risking everything for something. these two had definitely done this; they mentioned that they payed for the whole movie by paying for the whole thing with multiple credit cards. i can't even imagine how scared they must have been. the cojones on those two.
anyways, things ended up working out really nicely or so they told me. they even said with the money they had left over they were able to buy a prius. oh yeah and all this while they were having a child(now 16 months). big ups to eli despres and kim roberts and their little baby boy.

now with inspiring things around me, i kind of said i guess it is time to one up my style. we'll see what the finished product looks like but i kind of came up with something of an idea/style while showing. i'm pretty sure it was during JENS LEKMAN's song called pocketful of money. if so, thanks jens. maybe i'll send the finished piece to him to see if he could use it.

here is the new piece:

(about an hour or so deep)

i believe i'll be skiing sunday. homework tomorrow. monday i turn in a final and then go in for a review of portfolio. wednesday i present my website. friday i give a business/money/advertising campaign to the head people of benny blanco's. no problema.

then saturday it is home. can't wait to see everyone.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

my website is up and pretty much good to go. there a few down links in the portfolio part, but only on the explore away.

over the next couple days i'll be fixing everything that is wrong. sadly, we only received 5 mbs to work with, but when i get back from xmas break i will have 50. HIIGH FIVVE!!

sadly, the only artwork i had to post was from emails i had sent people previously. once i get my other computer up i will be updating the work.

let me know if you notice anything that seems wrong.

to no further ado..

in other news, recently i've been watching lots of movies and tv shows. yesterday i watched BRAZIL: "THE LOVE CONQUERS ALL" version....which i didn't really what it was. i figured it had more of a love story but it is actually just like a happy ending film, instead of the original which is not at all.

i also watched wes anderson's BOTTLE ROCKET. i thought it was nice and enjoyable though not the usual quality of anderson. i can't blame him though; without a budget it can be hard to display a specific style.

i just picked up a test screening pass for FREEDOM WRITERS. i'll be seeing it friday and we'll see how it goes. i hadn't heard much about it, but upon putting in some research i've learned that it is supposed to be pretty good. we'll see though; i have a feeling it will be the normal work harder/feel good film.

i've got the rest of the day off. probably some homework and maybe some working out. never know for sure.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

lots and lots has been happening....just trying to catch up over this last week or so.

right now my homework has been pretty intense, but i'm still enjoying it. in computer app., i've been designing my website. i have class this wednesday so it might be up sometime soon. i'll give you heads up, when i know more.

ah, speaking of artwork is now for sale online.


click shop then at the bottom left of the next my name....and voila
i can't lie. i'm pretty excited.

ah, yes......a while back i mentioned a super smash bros tournament. for winning i recieved the center spot on the poster.


steve did beautiful work, as usual. my poster is already on the way from kodak.

the last couple weeks i've come home from the gallery with "trash" that happens to be artwork. hyland, the owner, said he didn't have a problem with me taking whatever i want. most of the stuff is just unclaimed by the artist.

my favorite piece from last week:

some other interesting pieces from last week:

the things i brought home today:

(i like the ones on top of my bed. the middle is my favorite of this week's crop. the bottom right slightly resembles a rothko.)

this last sunday, i went to play soccer at golden goal and play was excellent as usual. this time around i happened to bring a video camera. lots of crazy stuff. the one guy who used to play for the columbian national team did a move i've never seen anyone else do before.....EVER.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

blogger has been on the fritz lately. it can't seem to handle pictures and thus i've found it kind of pointless to post anything. again, sorry...

i just presented my final for critical thinking. my goal was to attain a better understanding of relaxation methods, as well as to do much deeper workouts.

although both are extremely different, they've always kind of run hand in hand for me. lots of memories embedded from working out for high school, but it really doesn't serve the same purpose that it used to. although before working out benefited me, it really helped the team out too. now the only thing i'm really helping is myself. it makes it all much more rewarding.

with the weather being so bad recently, running hasn't really been an option. i've opted for the bike. i've been pushing myself in 20 minute sessions and i'll just go ahead and say it never gets easy.

here are some of the yoga positions i showed in class:

i just finished the christmas card artwork. madre has stated that the card is already in the works. big things for the moss family in '06.

i've got more to show. more updates later.