Sunday, October 29, 2006

things have been fun lately. nothing too interesting but still nice.

sadly, i wasn't able to pick up my skis; thus, no skiing tomorrow for me. disappointing but i'll just get ahead on homework and watch movies.

i've continued that black and white piece.

this friday, the towers held a halloween party titled "Freaky Friday". I had a much better time than i expected to and i walked away with a gift card to circuit city. not too shabby for not having a costume when the party started.

check out me serving joe

that's right, i was a b-boy. i carried around a boombox and challenged people to dance offs. people got served! some so hard that they wouldn't be able to walk for days!

they had awards for scariest, best couple, most creative, and funniest. i was worried. lots of funny lookin' people there and all i had were my dance moves.

in the end, it came down to me and big fluffy white suit guy. they cleared everyone else out and it was just me and him dancing it off. it was so close after our dance off that they made us tell a clean joke. i ended up stealing a joke that brian mcauliff used to tell all the time after basketball games and everywhere else. pat and adam, it was the grasshopper in the bar one. truthfully, the joke isn't really just has to be told correctly. i almost went with the ballpoint banana joke but i opted not to.

i'm pretty sure the dance move that kept me in the running was the AIR! COCK! THRUST!. Thank you Spank Rock....I love you....I even used Backyard Betty as my dance off song the whole night.

later he wouldn't be able to walk because he was served so hard. i have no remorse.

some other funny photos from the halloween party:
josh attempting to lift cletus' skirt.greg the bum(kate your fedex box is his sign.)

drew and steve

ginger, shy-guy from mario, and greg the bum again

edward scissorhands trying to handle his fly. my boy was rockin' real knives...crazy yo

erica, though not in costume...still kind of scary with her mean face and all

cletus and wynn all tranvestiting it up

then there is my boy steve(4 photos up)....this guy won the pool tournement. dude is crazy good at pool. just runs the table.

i'm playing soccer later today and i'm excited.... oh right, i almost forgot. my soccer league is going really well. last week was week 1 of 2 of the playoffs. we rocked some team and i thought i played really well. i had like 4 goals in 9 minutes. next week should be hectic and tiring. check the schedule:

The first round of the playoffs has been completed! Congratulations to Mile High Mullet Project, Happy Hour Experience, RRC and Beer Smurfs on winning your first round games. The schedule for the second round is as follows.

Round 2 Tuesday, October 31

7:00pm; Mile High Mullet Project vs. RRC

7:50pm; Happy Hour Experience vs. Beer Smurfs

8:40pm; Championship Game

we are still trying to decide on strategies. i'm thinking it might be best if i try to sit out of as much of the first game as i can. we just need to make sure we make it to the second game.

i've been sleeping a lot better lately now that i've started working out before bed. exhaustion can be very helpful. i've practically gotten rid of all my sickness too. i was really getting worried about it but now everything seems fine. i think my body might have started to become immune or at least more resistant. i hope so

Thursday, October 26, 2006

this whole blog site has been down lately. a couple of days ago i was getting on the server to make a post and their whole site practically crashed.

i really procrastinated on my fundamentals of drawing work. i actually arrived to class without anything. eh, so it happens and i did this really quickly. maybe war is on my mind. the north korea business had me a little shaken. i mean if there is one country that actually has the balls to do something, i would say it is them.

later on, in class, we were given time to draw whatever we felt like. anyone who has remotely seen my sketch book would know that i've been on a portraits tangent for a while. thus, i did a face. i gave him my hair.

of all of my classes this quarter, i would say i am enjoying fund. of drawing the most. next,copy and news writing....and then, in last place together, computer applications and critical thinking.

over the last couple days i've had some free time where i sit there and just stare at the project at hand; with this free time i've begun doodling. the work so far:

i've been lying around watching a lot of movies and the new season of the OC. tonight i enjoyed MEET JOE BLACK and i hope to watch SEVEN SAMARUI.

current weather: pouring snow outside. cold. i'm sure it will be warm by morning.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

it snowed last night. we played in it til 6 in the morning. most of the snow is gone now that it is day.

the highlights:

i love snow.

i'm getting my skis mounted today and going skiing tomorrow.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.

i awoke to small flakes falling to the ground. later they got bigger. by 6 o'clock, they were huge.

for pat, the f430 i saw

the incredible shoe store i went to....the 400

it was very cool while i was in there. the dude second from the left knew a lot about lupe fiasco and knew him personally. we talked about him and all this business. it was great.

later that night i played soccer, here is the Mile High Mullet Project....w/o nigel & randy

top to bottom, left to right: (brian, tony, me, jeff....robi, heather, anna, shane)

we won 8 to 6 and beat the best team in the league. i had 3 goals, maybe it was 4, and an assist. we start the playoffs next weekend. wish us luck

Monday, October 16, 2006

today the weather was quite nice. i would have liked to spend more time outside, but my classes wouldn't allow it. i spent most of my time gazing out the windows and it was nice. here is the sunset i caught during fundamentals of drawing.

last night, i layed around in my room a lot....watching films, listening to music, and i drew some also. it was nice, as it served as a warm up for my sketch i had to complete for fundamentals of drawing.

the drawing:

i had previously mentioned that erica and i went to the museum. here is the only picture i took of our adventure.

for mother, the only chuck close piece on display.(it is carpet)

on thursday night i will be seeing THE PRESTIGE
it is a pre-pass thing. i picked up two and josh picked up one, thus we will be taking six people.
i am figuring roommates and a couple friends.

i read today about wes anderson's new film titled THE DARJEELING LIMITED. it is going to be filmed in india and the actors are owen wilson, roman coppola, and jason schwartzman. it won't be out for a long, long time.

on friday, i will be seeing MARIE ANTIONETTE. i have been waiting for a long time. i've really like SOFIA COPPOLA's other films. mother, you and i watched THE VIRGIN SUICIDES together a long time ago. And over the last couple years i've really come to enjoy LOST IN TRANSLATION.

also, today i found a guy who plans on going snowboarding a lot. he drives a new jeep wrangler, which is always nice on the mountain. hopefully he and i can have some fun this winter.

tomorrow, i plan on going to get my ski pass. i have to go to the REI store and get my photo taken. please cross your fingers that i have a good hair day

Saturday, October 14, 2006

then on my birthday, i went to the denver art museum which was open for the first 36 hours free of charge.

of course, i thought great...FREE. well sadly, i wasn't aware that i needed to reserve tickets. erica was gracious enough to take me down there. she also brought along two friends or friends of a friend or something. it was confusing, believe me.

the gang after being rejected at the art museum(erica on right)

we went the next night at 630. the museum was beautiful. i was worried that the architecture would end up hindering the artwork, almost fighting it, but it worked out nicely.

check the museum

other than that, my birthday was relaxing. didn't do a whole lot but just took my time going everywhere. strolling, i guess....but those really are the best days. the weather was great; i couldn't have ask for more.

random photos of the night:
hacky sack

bum....also drunk(near the museum)

group of people: me, don't know, cletus, bekah, josh, and joe

janay(during her turn)in the kareoke off....sadly, she won this round....but only because whitney houston was the deciding factor(dad, i know you feel my pain)

and i'm sure that isn't all i need to talk about but it is almost 4 and i want to go to bed. i'm not sure what my plan is for tomorrow, but i think i am going to watch THE CONVERSATION

i watched DOGVILLE yesterday and it was excellent. it was a by LARS VON TRIER, a director i have read a lot about but sadly haven't seen many of his films. believe me, i am working on this though. if you've ever read about any thing of his, it was probably DANCER IN THE DARK which starred BJORK. something to note, she was so pressed by von trier during filming of the movie that she completely gave up acting after the film. crazy thing is, i'm pretty sure she won best actress at the cannes film festival. eh, that is just life

next time i post, i'll try to show all of my current work. nothing too fun yet but i've done a couple things that might be of interest.

alright, i'm really tired. good night...i miss you all
yeah, so the internet thing isn't going so well out here.... but i'm working on it so these posts don't become so infrequent.

i've been doing a lot. i don't know where to start. things are crazy busy and just crazy. though, that is a good thing.

lots of art.
i went to the art walk. it was nice. lots of galleries displaying lots of art.
my favorites:

<-love this one

<-smoke effects were incredible. note: there was two smoke towers from a power plant or something of the sort in the background that i don't think the picture shows

<- my favorite

<- a shakespeare scene i believe